About Us

Pre-retirement financial advice specialists

At Lighthouse Financial Group we help professionals, senior managers, executives and high net wealth individuals and couples to live a rich and fulfilled life.

We specialise in pre-retirement financial advice and offer a 5-step holistic approach that strives to create a robust and comprehensive financial plan, that aims to grow and make the most of your wealth opportunities, proactively manages your investments and assets, funds your retirement and importantly, financially protects you, those your love and everything you’ve achieved.

Established since 2005, and located in Sydney’s CBD, we’re small enough to care, but big enough (and well and truly qualified enough) to handle financial complexity.  

While we appreciate the convenience of communication technology, we understand that meeting our clients face-to-face is the key to knowing what matters most, so that we may advise and represent you in a manner that serves not only your very best interests and achieves outcomes but exceeds your expectations.

Meet the team

From our clients

Anthony and his team take a proactive approach to identifying my evolving needs and risk appetite, then translate that into effective investment strategies. Apart from their excellent advice and service, it is great to have peace of mind knowing that I have an expert team protecting my future financial security.
Anthony has been my financial adviser now since 2004. There have been many turbulent times in the market but throughout he has provided well considered and reliable investment guidance based on my requirements. Happily, I am now in a much stronger financial position despite these market challenges.
Anthony has always diligently ensured he fully understands our needs, risk preferences and expectations. His subsequent advice on the approach and action to be taken, and the plans to deliver this has always been timely, comprehensive and effective.
Phil & Brenda