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In the five to 10 years preceding retirement, our clients look to us for guidance and advice that articulates their expected retirement date, clarifies their current and future living expenses, cash flow requirements and the passive income streams necessary for funding their post-work lifestyle.

Managing debt while increasing superannuation contributions, and depending on an individual’s risk-appetite, more aggressively growing investments to bolster returns are among the range of strategies we explore for answering our clients’ most commonly asked question: “When can I retire, and will I have enough?”

We review and advise appropriate levels of personal risk insurance and the need for financial safety nets in the event of accident or illness.

In this stage of life, it is also common for pre-retirees to receive financial windfalls that often include inheritances or proceeds from the sale of assets. In such circumstances, we take an holistic approach and coordinate with other professionals, accountants and lawyers, and align our financial advice with tax efficiencies and legal matters such as asset protection and estate planning to achieve the best possible overall financial outcomes now, and as circumstances evolve in future.

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For those in their early to mid-40’s life is busy.  Careers are progressing, families are growing and home loan, personal debt and meeting cost of living often feels like a constant challenge.

However, it’s also the time when taking control of your financial life can pay worthwhile dividends.

Regularly investing, salary-sacrificing to super, acquiring property and shares can build a diversified wealth portfolio. Paying down ‘bad’ debt and taking advantage of loan facilities, such as offset accounts and redraw facilities can provide financial flexibility that can enable you to make the most of what you have at this stage of life.

While accumulating wealth may be a priority, so too is protecting it.  A comprehensive personal risk insurance strategy is a must-have discussion with your financial adviser.  Income protection, accident and critical illness (trauma insurance) and life insurance tailored to your individual requirements are important considerations for all accumulators, especially those with dependants.

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