Anthony Newton

Principal and Senior Financial Adviser


  • Bachelor of Commerce,
  • Australian National University
  • Diploma of Financial Planning
  • Specialisations
    – Listed Investments
    – Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)
    – Margin Lending and Geared Investments
    – Aged Care


  • Certified Financial Planner (CFPTM)
  • SMSF Association Specialist Adviser (SSATM)

About Anthony
Anthony is a formally qualified and skilled senior financial adviser providing leadership, guidance and advice in areas of wealth and investment portfolio management, complex financial planning, personal risk insurance and superannuation strategies.

He has a special interest in estate planning, and he’s also a very good listener!

Anthony helps executives and senior managers, business owners, high net wealth individuals and family groups to achieve financial outcomes that enable them, and those who depend on them, to live rich and fulfilled lives.

He continually strives to deliver reliable financial outcomes, all of which have been carefully calibrated to match individual circumstances.

Anthony is forward-thinking, yet constantly draws from hindsight and lessons learned over the thirty plus years of his financial services career. 

He offers his clients a proactive and holistic advice approach that aids decision making now, while remaining considerate of future financial and lifestyle circumstances including intergenerational wealth planning.

In collaboration with other specialist advisers – accountants, lenders and mortgage brokers, solicitors and estate lawyers – Anthony deftly navigates aligned financial matters including tax and asset protection, debt, risk and estate planning on his clients’ behalf.

He is what you might describe as the ‘hub of the wheel’, guiding discussions between professional disciplines to ensure all recommendations and actions centre on a client’s best interests and achieving the best outcomes for them.

This holistic and bespoke approach to financial advice has shaped Anthony, and indeed Lighthouse Financial Group. 

Anthony’s focus is on providing specialised financial advice and support services appropriate for clients who are high earning, with considerable financial complexity and by nature of their circumstances, time poor and in need of professional assistance for making the most of their considerable income and wealth.

He understands that effective financial management rests on highly skilled financial leadership and prides himself, and his team on responsiveness.

Offering a sounding board for clients who need to talk through ‘what if’ situations, his thorough understanding of their financial position, values and goals allows him to efficiently recalibrate financial strategies to make the most of opportunities. 

He compassionately takes charge when life takes an unexpected turn, providing support, clear direction and advice when decisions must be made in the most difficult of circumstances, including a number of pivotal career moments. 

Among them providing financial advice, in emotionally challenging circumstances, for BHP employees who received very significant redundancy and superannuation benefits when the Port Kembla and Newcastle operations closed in the late 1990s.

There have also been sad moments when Anthony has coordinated claims for clients or family members who have fallen critically ill, been involved in a serious accident or passed away.

While Anthony has enormous depth and diversity of experience, he believes working with clients who are 10 to 20 years from retiring is where he can make the greatest difference in their financial lives.    

Advising accumulators (professionals and business leaders in their 40s) and pre-retirees who are winding back and looking toward life beyond work, he lays financial foundations for making the most of high earnings, building a sizeable nest egg necessary for retirement income streams while creating financial flexibility that enables take up of career and lifestyle opportunities. 

Importantly, Anthony helps clients protect their wealth.

Recommending and coordinating the implementation of appropriate insurances, wills, powers of attorney and carefully considered estate planning to provide comfort that wealth, superannuation, trusts, corporate and investment structures will pass smoothly to surviving dependants and beneficiaries when the time comes.

Colleagues describe him as detailed, driven and a proactive leader in his field, and while he is known for his depth of knowledge and breadth of financial experience, he is also loyal, thoughtful and above all else, dependable.

Anthony cycles to his office every day and he’s a regular on the slopes at Perisher and Thredbo. He’s also a member of Vlad Swim Club and weekends you can usually find him walking the family pooch along Sydney Harbour. 

It seems all that exercise justifies another staple in his life – eating out on Friday nights with his wife, Kate and family. He’s also partial to good coffee and brunch with his mates. 

Anthony grew up in Lilyfield, attended Balmain Christian Brothers and later attended the Australian National University, Canberra. He attributes Brian Wiseman, his first business partner and a director of Associated Planners Ltd (an innovative AFSL that was among the first to champion client-centric financial planning) as an important and positive influence on his personal and professional life. 

When asked how he would like to be remembered, Anthony hopes those who remember him do so because he was able to make a positive difference in their lives; and they didn’t have to worry about their finances, because he (and his team) did the heavy lifting of their financial planning and that allowed them to live the rich and fulfilled lives they deserved.

Lighthouse Financial Group Pty Ltd and its advisers are authorised representative of Fortnum Private Wealth Ltd ABN 54 139 889 535 ASL 357 306.

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